Abandoning the PYW Club

Because none of us really need to belong to this one


Prove your worth.

Ugh. That sounds gross just reading it, right?

If they sold memberships to this club, none of us would buy.

Yet many of us willingly belong.

And we pay our dues daily, driven by some ancient memory stored in our human operating system, buried deep within our emotional database. Malware we didn’t know was being installed and that we may never be able to extricate.

We override the code with exercise or talk or substances that numb us enough to keep functioning, like a cortisone shot to the head — it won’t solve anything but at least it won’t hurt for a while.

What if we just stopped?

No more proving our worth.

Accept that it’s been proven, like a math problem that arrived already solved, the answer there all along, waiting for us to see, glowing on our screen, triumphant in its simple elegance.

What if we decided to just be?