For the Moments When Courage Doesn't Come

Because that's going to happen, too

We could talk about courage all day long but what happens when you are not courageous?

  • What happens when you can’t?

  • When you won’t?

  • When you simply don’t?

Who are you when the moment rises up in front of you … and you don’t seize it?

Who are you then?

  • Are you a coward?

  • A bum?

  • A fool?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But are you still a good person?


Just like we are still good people when we are weak.

  • Or sad.

  • Or overwhelmed.

  • Or broken.

Our essential goodness has much to do with who we are and how we act … but absence of action does not negate our worth.

And failure to summon the courage to act is something that happens to all of us at certain moments in our lives.

You need to remember that.

Because no matter what you have done in this life (or failed to do) you still have worth.

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