My 30 Minutes of Crap

Name it and claim it so you can get back to focusing on your dreams

Raise your hand if you’ve been sitting on your ass too much lately.

No shame. I understand. Many of us have a hard time regulating life in the fitful starts and stops of this stupid pandemic.

  • “Travel!” “

  • “Don’t travel! Stay away from people!”

  • “Masks off!”

  • “Masks on!”

And even those of us who know that stagnation is death — in water, air, and life — we get caught with our butts not in gear, floating along in the flow of fetid water that is digital life. The luscious lure of comfy cushions and scrolling screens is sooo hard to ignore.

Yet each of us knows that you can accomplish much more if you keep focus and keep moving actively, daily — and that includes your body and your mind.

Keep Your Thoughts Moving

While you are moving your body each day, it’s important — critical to a well-lived life — to also keep your thoughts moving.

And this is the hard part of the (mental) lift because good movement for your mind needs good input … and good input can be difficult in a world chock-full of mediocre output. Look around you and witness:

  • C-grade writing

  • D-level thinking

  • F-level compassion

So plentiful. It’s everywhere.

Instagram is built on it. Facebook. Twitter. Reddit. Much of social media is awash in mediocrity and (often) hostility. There used to be a saying, “Content is king” … but it’s more like “Conflict is king” now.

So What Can You Do?

If you’ve got a will of steel, you might be able to ignore the crap. Shun it. Look past it, like you’re Odysseus and those posts are the Sirens singing their song to make you crash your ship on the rocks. Bind yourself to the mast, listen to their song, and sail on. You have things to do.

Or, maybe you could try something even easier: allow yourself no more than 30 minutes of crap each day.

My 30 Minutes of Crap

Seriously. Name it. My 30 Minutes of Crap (or 60, 90). Create a limit and stick to it. (“Kids, don’t bother me! I’m getting My 30 Minutes of Crap!”)

Name it and time it so you can enjoy it and then put it away. Indulge. Soak yourself in it for 30 minutes and then walk away to do or read or listen to something that helps you towards becoming who you want to be.

Too much crap can kill your dreams because you simply run out of time and energy to work on your dreams.

So losing large chunks of time to mediocre input is like trying to take the bus to Hawaii. It’s not going to work and eventually you’re going to drown.

Share Strong Starts in the Mind™

Instead, Ask Yourself This Question

“What 3 behaviors will get me where I want to go?”

If the answer isn’t “Sitting on my ass/Watching more television/Hanging out with losers” … then readjust your time and your life accordingly. You don’t have to take up meditation or go back to college or teach your dog to knit. (But if you do, let me know because that would be pretty awesome.)

Just get your focus figured out and keep your body and your mind moving toward who you want to be. That’s a start — and it’s going to take you further than you realize.

But right now, please excuse me because it’s time for my 30 Minutes of Crap.