You Will Get Through This

What has brought you this far will bring you farther.

Magical thinking is all the rage now. And I can kind of understand it, even as I don’t.

States are opening back up. People are interacting without masks. Our federal government was even thinking of disbanding the coronavirus task force, like it had accomplished … anything. A cockamamie conspiracy video is the rage on our social networks.

Thinking based in something other than reality seems popular in this moment.

Why? Because we’re scared. Because so many people are suffering physically, financially, emotionally. And because the sad and sober truth is pretty boring: a virus that we can’t control is permanently changing our world and our way of life.

I can understand why magical thinking is popular.

So what is my advice to you, dear reader? What can I say to the person looking for a light, the person still clinging to hope, the person who needs a shot of tough love to get through when everything seems bleak and that magical thinking is starting to look really good?

Hold on.

This might be the hard part of the ride. In the coming weeks and months, things could get a lot worse and there might be moments when you think you think you’ve had enough. When you think you can’t take it, when you want to say “no mas” (you might be there already), and you know you cannot,

I have news for you: you can handle it. You can take more.

You will get through this. And the next thing. And the next.

You will get by. You will.

What has brought you this far: love, hard work, faith – will bring you farther.

How?  It won’t be easy but do this: focus.

Just like in a hard workout, a hard day, a hard life, nothing gets better if you ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

No weight gets lifted if you don’t put a hand on it or a shoulder under it. No barbell ever lifted itself and no trail ever ran itself.

Strength is not given – it is earned.

You will need to be stronger and you will earn this strength too. You’ve been preparing your whole life for this moment.

As the days move forward, remember this: magical thinking isn’t focusing. Magical thinking isn’t going to make you stronger. Magical thinking won’t make the day better.

Hard work will. And sometimes the hardest work of all is waiting.

  • Sometimes the toughest skill is patience.

  • Sometimes we get through tough moments best by staying soft.

  • Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is open our hearts wide and continue to love.

Take care of yourself, dear reader.  Take care of your loved ones and open your heart wide. Be brave. Be kind. We’re going to need everyone to get through this next part.

Hold on.